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Snider Financial Group specializes in growing and preserving wealth and building retirement income strategies that are personalized to your individual circumstances. Our comprehensive suite of financial resources will support every aspect of your financial health and include the following services:

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Financial Advice & Consulting
We provide personal, customized wealth management for high net worth clients and those building a plan for a high net worth future. Our services include investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, education funding and planning, insurance advice, and fee based financial planning. Our personal planning approach combined with the services of LPL, the largest U.S. independent brokerage, and an easy-to-use online platform provides our clients with the personal attention, horsepower and access they require.
Financial Planning for Individuals
Our comprehensive upfront planning process is ideal for individuals. We meet with our clients face to face to understand their specific needs and circumstances then develop a personal, customized overall wealth management plan. Individual plans may include investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, education funding and planning, insurance advice, and fee based financial planning. We also specialize in working with individuals that own small businesses and need to manage the personal and business aspects of their overall financial picture.
Financial Planning for Businesses
As a registered investment advisor and owner of an S corporation for 13 years, our firm understands the taxation, administration and planning concerns of small business owners. For this reason, we specialize in working with business owners who desire a comprehensive approach for all aspects of financial planning for both personal and business needs.
Portfolio Management
After a thorough risk and long term goal assessment, we will build an unbiased and balanced portfolio that is customized to your needs. As an independent financial advisor, we have access to in-depth third party research and a full array of investment vehicles.
Retirement Planning
Retirement planning is a core component of a sound, long-term financial plan. We concentrate on helping our clients prepare for the retirement lifestyle they desire. Leveraging a variety of tools and strategies, including IRAs and 401ks and integrating the full financial picture, we work with our clients to reduce downside risk, participate in market gains and optimize for retirement in a tax efficient manner. And to ensure our clients have access to the latest retirement planning tools and techniques for creating crucial long term retirement income, personnel in our office are working on the newly introduced American College Designation, Retirement Income Certified Professional or RICP.
401K Rollovers
401k plan rollovers are an important element of your overall financial and retirement plan and we offer recommendations for your 401k rollover based on your personal needs and objectives, not based upon a formula. We offer a range of options, including IRAs and Roth IRAs, and manage this as a part of your overall wealth management and retirement planning process. This includes a focus on the long term and managing future tax implications.
Insurance Planning
Monte Snider has been a licensed agent for insurance since 1989 and is currently licensed for property, casualty, life and disability insurance. Our firm provides an audit of your needs and existing coverage and premiums and then provides recommendations for life insurance, disability and long term care. We assist clients in keeping insurance updated and staying current with changes in the laws and rates to best optimize their position. We understand how important it is to plan for the future and will create a plan that provides clients and their families confidence and peace of mind.
Depending upon objectives and risk tolerance, annuities may be an option in the overall financial plan. If you currently have annuities or are interested in how they work, we will incorporate these questions in your financial planning process.
Estate Planning & Trusts
Building wealth and creating a plan for how it will benefit the people and organizations you care about is an important part of our overall plan. We assess current plans and incorporate updated estate planning strategies, including strategies to reduce tax burdens for heirs. We are available to consult with our clients and their attorneys regarding legacy planning. We are here for our clients to guide them or their heirs in the event of a death.
Tax Planning & Mitigation
We have the expertise to evaluate your tax returns relative to your investments and to provide recommendations for mitigating tax liabilities now and in retirement. Your financial plan will include strategies to address opportunities and liabilities. We are available for consultations with you and your tax preparer.
Education Funding & Planning
With a variety of instruments and strategies, we are experienced in guiding our clients through the process of funding education expenses, near and long term. We offer advice on the differences in using 529's, GET plans or life insurance.
Investment Management & Advice
We offer comprehensive and unbiased investment management and advice. We draw on objective and independent research and resources to ensure we recommend what is right for our individual clients. We manage investments, provide regular updates and make changes as finances change. We keep our clients up to date regarding changes in the market and the economy via regular commentary.
Wealth Management
My job is to get the best risk adjusted returns that we can, given a particular level of risk tolerance. We identify current and developing trends - as Warren Buffet says, "Find a trend and throw yourself in front of it." We utilize a full range of financial instruments to take advantage of these trends ranging from mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks and bonds to alternative investments or customized strategies based upon our client’s circumstances. In managing risk, diversification is key. It is best not have all your eggs in one basket and to that end, we monitor model portfolio returns on a quarterly basis in order to optimize returns based on the correlation coefficients of asset classes. As they say, “You concentrate to get rich but diversify to stay rich.” As part of this plan, we support clients to invest in real estate or other outside assets. It’s important to consider off the grid assets that can provide power in the event of a black out.
Risk Management
An imperative step in any successful wealth management strategy is making sure that assets are protected against perils. Insurance is the process of transferring already existing risk to a third party. While some may not appreciate paying premiums, beneficiaries rarely mention them. The importance of reviewing policies to make sure that they are performing as designed and promised can NOT be underestimated.
Money Management
With technology today, we have access to all the information we need or want. It is no longer the quantity or even the speed of information, it is about the relevance of the information and how it is used to our advantage. We have 30 of the best analysts in the industry located in Boston, MA, living and breathing market conditions 24/7, helping us to mine that relevant information. We build portfolios with the objective of diversification while giving managers authority to make changes based on market conditions. While some may say buy-and-hold is dead, this time-tested strategy can work if you hold the right investments. It's important to be flexible when investing today; we understand the problem the buy-and-hold strategy poses if the market goes down 50% and it takes a 100% gain to get back to zero. For this reason, we may not capture 100% of the upside, but we will protect against risk on the downside with a strategy of diversification and using the best active managers with the best aspects of passive investing such as low expenses and consistent results.
Wealth Management System
The SFG Wealth Management System service is our way of providing you a simple way to track every part of your finances.

Complete Wealth Management System

The Wealth Management System is our way of providing you a simple way to track every part of your finances.

  • View all your financial information and records in one place at any time from anywhere in the world.
  • View your latest Net Worth, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and other report information instantly.
  • Store your important financial, legal, and personal documents in your own secured Vault.
  • Review a dynamic report of your complete financial picture.